I'll update here and my Twitter once I'm open for commissions again, thank you!

- Brief Terms -


Here's all of my commission info for Twitch Emotes, Badges, and Character drawings / illustrations! Pricing has been adjusted below

  • I DON'T ACCEPT Pepe Emotes or take on Animations as commissions, Portraits or Logos - Please check the guidelines below

  • I retain the rights to the work unless you've paid for the rights (Check full terms)

  • I'm entitled to turn down a commission if I don't like the idea

  • Please have references available or at least a clear idea of what you want!

  • I won’t offer refunds after the commission(s) has been started

Twitch Emotes & Badges

Emotes : £25 each

1 Badge : £25

Additions : +£5 per badge
Set of 5 Individual Badges : £100
Set of 5 Recoloured Badges : £30 - £40

Guidelines: No Pepe Emotes / Nothing against Twitch Guidelines
£10 - £25 for Major Revisions

Additions refers to adding things to the base badge design such as Hats/Glasses/Other minor objects

Character Artwork

Full Body : £100

Torso up / Bust : £60

Work above is coloured and shaded - Rendered work is an additional £200

Guidelines: CHARACTERS, not people! (read terms)

No NSFW but Pin Ups are fine

No logos, portraits or animations.


Last edit: 24th Feb 2021
Terms revised: 27th Jan 2021​

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