- Terms -

  • I am no longer accepting Character Artwork commissions that aren't strictly of characters and not real people. I'm sorry to disappoint anyone!

  • Please make sure to follow the basic guidelines that were outlined in the previous page as well!

  • I reserve the right to decline a commission for whatever reason.

  • I don't offer Advanced / Rush Fee commissions.

  • Don't request a commission if you're not ready to pay.

  • Prepare references and be specific.

  • Once the commission(s) has been completed, any credit referring to my name (Mudavaye) or social media (preferably my Twitter handle) is expected and highly appreciated!

- Pricing/Payment -

  • Prices are listed in £/GBP (Great British Pounds)

  • Once details are confirmed I will send a PayPal invoice - Commissions won't be started until it's paid in full.

  • Price of the commission may change depending on the amount of details needed

  • Tips are appreciated but don't use these to pay for a commission as they're non-refundable + details must be discussed. I reserve the right to decline if you tip with the intention to commission.​

- Regarding Apparel & Commercial Stuff -

  • By default, you may not use completed work for any Commercial use / Merchandise.

  • If intended to use the work for Commercial use / Merch, it must be specified in the commission request for a Quote. The price of Quotes depends per client / piece.​

- Other info, Turnaround, Legal tings ‘n dat -

  • I aim to take no longer than 1 month to complete commissions where possible - Turnaround time may be affected by other projects / commissions.

  • I will send sketches and updates as frequently as necessary depending on the complexity, specifics and your direction.

  • When commissioning me you agree that the work is being used solely for the purpose communicated, that I retain rights to the work (unless you paid for the rights to the work) and can post it for self promotion / for my portfolio, and that unless otherwise communicated, I can potentially stream it to my Twitch channel.

  • Minor changes are free - Any major changes to the piece after the Colouring process will incur an additional charge.

  • Please do not alter or copy the final work in any way - For work purchased without a commercial fee, you are free to use these for non-commercial purposes (such as Avatars, Icons and on Banners).

  • I will only send the necessary files for the purpose purchased; You'll only receive full resolution images (for Twitch work) if a commercial fee was purchased.

  • Commissions are non-refundable unless work wasn't started for any reason.


Last edit: 24th Feb 2021
Terms revised: 27th Jan 2021​

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